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Turkey is the third largest producer of tomatos and related products (eg. tomato paste). Tomatos are available all year round and grown in the open air as well as in greenhouses. 

Available: all year round




Turkey is the second largest exporter of cucumbers. In comparison to other types, they differ in size as they have an average length of 16 cms long and a diameter of 3 cms. They are known for their succulent tetxure, delicious flavour and low-calorie attributes. 

Available: all year round





Eggplant can only be grown in certain regions due to its demand for specific climate and soil, handling conditions and crop alternation preference. 

Available: all year round





Turkey is the third largest producer of peppers. Pepper types that are grown and exported in Turkey are mostly improved F1 pepper seeds. Production is made from various types belonging to different local and foreign companies. These types are; long green pepper, banana pepper, big red pepper, sweet bell pepper and conic pepper. 

Available: all year round




Summer zucchinis are mainly consumed raw and some are consumed as frozen, dried or in baby foods. Features of the fruit change according to type. Types of Zucchini :

- Cucurbita moschata

- Cucurbita maxima

- Cucurbita pepo

Available: all year round





Pomegranate plays an important role in the Turkish fruit growing and foreign export. It has various types differing in fruit size, rind, colour and thickness, grain colour, softness of stone and juiciness. 

Available: from July until November (can be stored up to 6 months depending on the type)





Turkey is the most prominent cherry producer around the world. A Turkish type, Ziraat 0900 cherry, is a preferable type thanks to its long storage life, and tough, aromatic and juicy structure. Production for export starts from mid May (short stemmed), and in June-July (Ziraat 0900) with Bing Cherry and lasts until early August. The production of Starks Gold 0900, which is industrially processed and then marketed, has been on the rise.

Available: mid May until early August 





Grape export has improved with the development of UVAS system that enables raw grape to be stored for three months. Seedless dried grapes are sold to 21 countries. Exported grapes are classfied into two main groups as seeded or seedless. Known local types are: Tarsus white, Antep black, Yalova type; and recently, new plantations such as Red Globe and Sugerone- Black Pearl, Crimson, Sultanas Seedless, Thomson, Superior, Alphfons, Rezaki (Mevlana).

Available: June until October






The yellow and succulant type is generally grown in Turkey (early-Eralyred, mid-early: Dixired, Cardinal, Red Globe, temporary: J.H. Haale, Cresthaven, Monroe, etc.).

The stone of the freestone peach can easily be taken out. As for this type; the fruits are big, physical appereance is attractive, structure is tight, aroma is high and nice. Certain types are also grown for canning and making fruit juice. Production and export of nectarine has increased lately thanks to its smooth surface.


Available: May until September




















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