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The company is comprised of a group of experienced executives with strong business skills in sales, market and business development.


Are you looking to increase your sales? You've come to the right place! 


Our extensive network of executives allows us to act as your sales agent, broker or representative in any of the aforementioned areas or assist in multi-cultural negotiations.




Franco Bensalha

Business Development Director

Email: franco@qt-trading.eu




Ali H. Biyikli

Regional Manager East Europe & Turkey

Email: ali.halit@qt-trading.eu


Yana Vynohradova

East European Business Development Manager

Email: yana@qt-trading.eu 


Francesco Angotta

Business Development Manager EU

Email: francesco.angotta@qt-trading.eu


Anas Abu Saada

Business Development Manager MENA

Email: a.abusaada@qt-trading.eu


Kelly Bidali

Business Development Consultant

Email: kelly@qt-trading.eu  



Marco Bensalha

International Sales Director

Email: marco@qt-trading.eu


Rose Wambui

African Business Development Director

Email: rose@qt-trading.eu


Khaldoun Khabbaz

Trading Manager - Syria

Email: mkkhabbaz@qt-trading.eu


Andy Stephens

 Business Development Manager UK 



Emmanuel M'Mwirichia

Business Development Consultant


 In co-operation with our business partners 

Rahito General Trading Company

Nairobi - KENYA



Denizli -TURKEY


Olivera General Trading LLC

Dubai - UAE


Becaf-Congo SARL

Kinshassa - DRC

MFC Delux Consult

Bucharest - ROMANIA


European Business Partner & Representative

Sartoria Monasco di Alessandroni Laura



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