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It is common knowledge that when companies are seeking to expand their markets to new territories they usually send one or more of their highly skilled marketing or business development staff to investigate and explore. Such a procedure always proved to be a very costly exercise especially if all comes to nothing or even worse when some of their findings turns out to be incomplete or with errors due to lack of local knowledge of the environment and it's conditions. 


What we do and how we may serve you once we are appointed as your agent or marketing consultants: 

  1. Carry out these initial investigations and explorations on your behalf resulting in the reduction for the need of frequent trips of your staff and only having to do so once the groundwork has been prepared. Thereby greatly reducing your overhead costs.
  2. Respond to specific questions or clarifications our clients may have in relation to the local market.
  3. Submit to our clients, quarterly reports on the activity of the business relating to their business or/and their products. Such a report covers competitor’s activity, upcoming tenders, size of market in relation to their business and other such related information.
  4. We are always there, so you will always be there represented by us without the power of commitment on your behalf , so a safe, continuous presence in the market without risk, while still attending to minor meetings, pick up or delivery as the need may be. It is like having your own-staffed office at a fraction of the cost.
  5. Explore, investigate, identify, and recommend whenever needed, the local Agent that may be needed to properly assist you in your sales efforts on specific projects or in general. Our role remains as your back up and double check for verification on any issues giving you that degree of limited reliance on the Agent with the independence desired.


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