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Qt Trading BV operates directly in numerous markets through its main office in Apeldoorn - The Netherlands with representative offices in Dubai-UAE, Nairobi-Kenya, Doha-Qatar, Roma-Italy and Denizli-Turkey. Considering the location of both main and representative offices Qt Trading BV has its unique advantage for trading.



Although cooperation between the Eastern and the Western world bears a lot of potential for both sides, there are the severe culture and language barriers to overcome. These fundamental aspects should not be ignored. There are countless examples in the past where lucrative transactions have not been realized simply due to unintentional misunderstandings or just could not be initiated due to lack of the right contacts. A sensitive but also strongly focused, professional acting and a solid knowledge of the cultures and languages ​​are crucial to bridge the gap and finally succeed.



We uphold the principle of “being fair, mutual beneficial, honest and faithful to each other”. At the same time, we are sincerely expecting to enhance friendship and further cooperation with clients all over the world. We take pride in the quality of our work and our honesty. Each situation is researched and tailored to the interests or requirements of the clients. Our practice is to maintain confidentiality, objectivity and awareness in a friendly, courteous and efficient atmosphere.


Export & Import

The company is engaged in the import and export trade business. We operate in the fields of food & beverages, spirits & wines, chocolates, fruit & vegetables, household products, construction materials, second hand clothing, work clothing and certain commodities upon request such as ceramics, marble, cement, copper, palm oil, sugar, rice and steel.


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